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Investment case

Global presence

Global presence:

Datatec is located in over 50 countries, with approximately 10 000 skilled employees and an experienced multinational management team.



Datatec is comprised of three principal businesses (Logicalis International, Logicalis Latin America and Westcon International) that work at multiple points of the ICT supply chain but are operationally dissimilar.


Focus on growth segments:

Over recent years, Datatec has been growing its software and IT services footprint. Datatec is focused in particular on high-value, fast‑growing sectors of the ICT market, including information security, networking, unified collaboration, cloud and data centre technologies.

Strategic Relationships

Strong vendor and customer relationships:

The Group has strong relationships with a wide range of leading technology vendors (including Cisco), as well as having a roster of over 10 000 global customers and partners.