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Business model

Our business model

The Group has a decentralised business model, which empowers its divisional management teams to make operational decisions that are best suited to their individual operating needs but within a strategic operating and financial framework set by the Group to ensure sustained value for all stakeholders.

The Group’s offering spans various sectors of the ICT market


Technology distribution
Alternative financing expertise


Digital services provider

Logicalis Latin America

Digital services provider

We improve shareholder returns by continuously optimising our business for the current environment.

We continue to pursue organic and acquisition expansion activities.

What makes us different

Datatec offers shareholders an opportunity to invest in a leading international ICT group that is uniquely positioned to take advantage of best-in-class solutions in information security, networking, unified collaboration, cloud and data centre technologies.

Global presence
Global presence
Located in over 50 countries supported by skilled employees and experienced multinational management
Related but operationally dissimilar businesses diversify income and provide unique growth opportunities
On high-value, fast‑growing sectors of the ICT market
At multiple points of the ICT supply chain
Strategic Relationships
Strategic Relationships
Well positioned in strong technology areas and managed services with leading technology vendors and quality customer profile

How we grow from strength to strength

Key strategic partnerships

  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • Check Point
  • Extreme
  • F5
  • Palo Alto Networks

Key stakeholder relationships

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Shareholders
  • Vendors

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2023 Integrated Report

Key revenue segments

  • Westcon International, Logicalis International, Logicalis Latin America
  • North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa

Strong technical expertise

Strong compliance and governance culture