Westcon International leadership

Chief Executive Officer

As announced on 1 September 2017, following the completion of the disposal of Westcon Americas to SYNNEX, Jens Montanana will have joint roles as CEO of Datatec and Westcon International (the part of Westcon-Comstor which will remain 90% owned by Datatec) in addition to being Westcon International’s executive Chairman.

Jens is the founder and principal architect of Datatec, established in 1986. Between 1989 and 1993, Jens served as Managing Director and Vice-President of US Robotics (UK) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of US Robotics, Inc. which was acquired by 3Com in 1997. In 1993 he co-founded US start-up Xedia Corporation, which was subsequently sold to Lucent Corporation in 1999. In 1994 Jens became Chairman and CEO of Datatec. Jens graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Reading.

Chief Financial Officer

As announced on 1 September 2017, following the completion of the disposal of Westcon Americas to SYNNEX, Ivan Dittrich will have joint roles as CFO of Datatec and Westcon International.

Ivan re-joined Datatec on 30 May 2016 from Vodacom, where he had been Group Chief Financial Officer from 15 June 2012 to 31 July 2015. Prior to that he held a number of senior executive positions at Datatec, including Group Chief Financial Officer from May 2008 to June 2012, in a career that spanned 13 years. Ivan qualified as a Chartered Accountant (South Africa) at Deloitte South Africa and also worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in London. He completed the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership programme at SaÏd Business School.

Core competencies

Partner enablement

We accelerate our partners’ business by enabling and supporting them through a series of unique programmes and capabilities. These include:

  • Vendor engagement/leverage
  • Accelerated training
  • Business consulting/planning
  • Proof of concept support
  • Marketing resources and demand generation

Logistical services

We offer both forward and reverse logistics capabilities, along with vendor services through to the end-user, including:

  • Supply chain management
  • Virtual private warehouse
  • Global project management and staged roll outs
  • International shipping and export management
  • Reverse logistics and lifecycle management
  • De-staging through repair, recycling to disposal
  • 24x7 emergency services and same day shipment
  • Special freight handling services
  • Custom packaging and delivery services

Inventory management

Our superior inventory management is based on our advanced, integrated, demand-based planning tools, utilising historical sales analysis, sales forecasts and input from vendors for consensus inventory planning. The benefits of this approach are:

  • High stock availability
  • Metrics driven reporting
  • Fully utilise global inventory
  • Reduced stock rotations
  • Shortage analysis
  • Project inventory planning
  • Lead time analysis
  • Demand, supply and revenue forecasting
  • Bookings execution to plan
  • Backlog management

Configuration and integration

We offer a broad portfolio of value-added configuration and integration services including:

  • Basic and advanced staging and configuration
  • Tagging and registration services
  • Product bundling and packaging
  • End-user custom staging
  • Soak testing
  • Vendor-certified channel assembly and quality assurance
  • Zero touch CPE deployment
  • Project pre-builds for quick deployment
  • Dedicated configuration lab services

Global distribution solutions

GDS meets the needs of global service providers, system integrators and regional partners looking for a global solution to their multinational deployment needs. Core capabilities include:

  • Standardised terms and conditions
  • Single point of contact
  • Utilise regional partners globally
  • Eliminate cross border shipping
  • Logistically and tax efficient network
  • Utilise in-country pre- and post-sales support skills
  • Execute within vendor-approved schemes
  • Provide management reporting and escalation
  • Local currency, local tax billing
  • Reduced cost and lead times for reseller and end-user

Service providers

Westcon-Comstor collaborates with service providers to identify and implement a go-to-market approach to drive growth. We achieve greater efficiencies through:

  • A focused business unit
  • Consolidated account management
  • Legal and global systems

We manage and control costs through:

  • Diversity sourcing
  • Order consolidation
  • Staging
  • Flexible shipping options
  • Asset tagging
  • Pre-sales engineering

Global credit and financing

Our financial services group substantially increases our resellers’ ability to succeed and grow their business. We assist resellers of all sizes in every phase of the sales cycle including:

  • Choosing the most appropriate financing vehicle
  • Providing the latest tools and financing options available
  • Creating custom solutions including programs administered both in-house and by our third-party partners
  • Always searching for financially creative ways to make our customers more successful

Capability practices

  • Cloud
  • Services
  • Global deployment

Technology practices

  • Security
  • Unified communication and collaboration ("UCC")
  • Networking
  • Data centre

Logicalis leadership

Mark Rogers
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Rogers joined Logicalis in 2003 as Finance Director for Logicalis UK, and in 2004 he became Chief Financial Officer, European Operations. Since March 2007, he has taken on the role of Chief Operating Officer for Logicalis Group and in March 2014, Mark was appointed President and COO of Logicalis Group. Mark became CEO for Logicalis Group with effect from 1 March 2015.

Bob Bailkoski
Chief Financial Officer

Bob joined Logicalis Group in November 2015 as Chief Financial Officer. He is a Chartered Accountant and brings over 10 years of international experience to his role having previously worked in Australia, Switzerland and the US. Prior to joining Logicalis, Bob was Group Finance Director at Monitise plc, a mobile banking and payment specialist, and before that was Finance Director of the sailing holidays’ division at TUI Travel plc. Bob started his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers before joining Wolseley plc where he held a variety of finance, commercial and strategic roles.

Core competencies

Integration and professional services

How we help you to find the best combination of solutions and services for your business: from planning and design through to build and management. This includes:

  • Data centre

    Spanning the range of data centre design and build activities and provisioned cloud environments

  • Communication and collaboration

    A range of solutions for increased productivity, collaboration and decision-making

  • Data and information management

    Data analysts and tools to unlock the real value of your data and information management

  • Mobility

    Embrace the benefits of enterprise mobility considering the technical, security and policy aspects for your business

  • IT service management

    IT Service Management tools, processes and professional experts on-hand

  • Networking

    Supporting the next-generation technology platform through our network solutions and services

  • Security

    Supporting the response to security threats across the entire attack continuum: before, during and after an attack

  • Software development

    Software developed solutions for software defined networks, DevOps and multi cloud, and IoT

  • Software defined X

    Software defined technologies for networking, the data centre and storage

  • Professional services

    Strategy, design and implementation services to support your technology investments

Lifecycle & managed services

From planning, design and build to support, management and optimisation of your IT services. This includes:

  • Logicalis assessment services

    Ensure best capacity of your infrastructure by engaging our technical experts

  • Logicalis managed services

    Free up key skills and resources for your core business initiatives and let us manage the rest

  • Logicalis maintenance services

    Guarantee the smooth operation of your technology investments with ongoing support from Logicalis

Cloud solutions

Helping you take advantage of the cloud. This includes:

  • You, the “cloud” and Logicalis

    Logicalis offers a unique portfolio of cloud solutions and services, from private cloud all the way through to hosted cloud


Bonded by a passion for success

Our focus on emerging and innovative technologies and our breadth of integration expertise encourages close cooperation with our key technology partners. Our close partner relationships mean we are often first to market and to deploy new technologies, especially in the areas of communications and collaboration, data centre and cloud.

Analysys Mason leadership

Bram Moerman
Chief Executive Officer

Bram Moerman is the CEO of Analysys Mason. Since he joined the firm in 1989, Bram has advised clients in many countries around the world, across the core propositions of the firm. His primary areas of expertise are telecoms regulation and policy and due diligence, as part of M&A transactions and debt issuance. As part of his regulatory work he led the Company's work on universal service in Europe in the mid to late 1990s.

Analysys Mason solutions and services


We deliver tangible benefits to clients across the TMT industry: operators, vendors, governments, regulators, service and content providers, financial institutions and private equities etc.

Our sector specialists understand the distinct territorial challenges facing clients, in addition to the wider effects of global forces.

We are future-focused and help clients understand the challenges and opportunities new technology brings.

  • Regulation and policy
  • Performance improvement
  • Transaction support
  • Strategy and planning


Our dedicated team of analysts track and forecast the different services accessed by consumers and enterprises.

We also offer detailed insight into the software, infrastructure and technology delivering those services.

Clients benefit from regular and timely intelligence, and direct access to analysts.

  • Consumer and SME services
  • Digital economy
  • Regional markets
  • Network technologies
  • Telecoms software