Highlights for the year

Supporting our people, the environment and all our communities

FY20 by numbers

Total number of learners benefitting from school-level intervention in mathematics and science - 2 119

Total number of students gaining access to bursaries – 5 

Total number of learners receiving career guidance – 733

Total number of teachers benefitting from extra training in mathematics and science – 51 

Total number of individuals gaining access to computer technology – 7 787 

Total number of individuals benefiting from ICT skills training – 1 019  

Overview of the Foundation

As a competitive global market leader in ICT, Datatec regards it as a moral imperative to in some way address the grassroots needs of its founding country’s people and give back where it is needed most– education in South Africa.


The Foundation funds educational organisations whose purpose is to improve education within underprivileged communities in South Africa. Datatec’s corporate social investment (“CSI”) spend is directed into educational initiatives consisting of school-level intervention programmes for learners and teachers, and educational bursaries. Other initiatives include the provision of technology infrastructure and skills development for unemployed youth.

Teacher and learner development at a secondary-school level

Teacher and learner development is a critical area of investment for the Foundation, especially in the realms of maths and science, in which publicschool teachers are heavily underresourced. It has been proven that with public-private partnerships, the issue of poor school-leaver passes can be effectively addressed. The Foundation supports non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”) working to improve learner participation and test results to enable learners to pursue tertiary education in elds that require maths and science as leadsubjects.

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Growing computer technology access in poorer communities

Datatec’s core business purpose is reflected in how the Company invests the Foundation’s annual budget. A portion of its total budget is allocated to NGOs committed to providing ICT infrastructure inpoorer communities in order to improve education, skills development and job creation.

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ICT skills development aimed primarily at the youth

ICT skills development is another critical need, particularly among the youth, who feel the brunt of unemployment in South Africa. The Foundation continues to invest in NGOs that provide ICT skills training aimed particularly at the youth.

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