Executive leadership

Jens Montanana Chief Executive Officer

Ivan Dittrich Chief Financial Officer

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Developing and investing in new technologies, attracting and retaining the best people and leading markets: innovation drives everything we do and has since we started 30 years ago. View the timeline of our history since our formation in 1986.


Our business

Business philosophy

Our business philosophy has its roots in an entrepreneurial culture. We are committed to being ethical, honest, socially responsible corporate citizens and strive to be an employer of choice: attracting, developing and retaining talented people.

We value business partnerships and we work towards creating shareholder value by developing a best-in-class portfolio of actively managed businesses operating in the high-value, fast-growing sectors of the ICT market.

Group strategy

Datatec’s strategy is to deliver long-term, sustainable and above-average returns to shareholders through portfolio management and the development of its principal subsidiaries providing technology solutions and services to targeted customers in identified markets.

The Group provides leadership and sets the direction and strategy for each business, together with divisional management. It identifies potential areas for growth and supports the realisation of growth either organically or through acquisition by allocating capital and financing.

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Global Presence FY18 (post-disposal )

North America

US$385.9 million

Gross profit:

US$107.8 million

Total employees:

1 070


US$1 935.8 million

Gross profit:

US$255.0 million

Total employees:

3 521

Latin America

US$539.7 million

Gross profit:

US$122.8 million

Total employees:

1 540

Middle East and Africa (“MEA”)

US$345.0 million

Gross profit:

US$31.6 million

Total employees:



US$717.3 million

Gross profit:

US$118.8 million

Total employees:

1 972

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Corporate social investment

Datatec’s corporate social investment (CSI) efforts are directed at improving education within underprivileged communities in South Africa. Education is a basic human right, it empowers people to reach their full potential, it uplifts communities and it contributes to the success of the economy. The following educational initiatives are prioritised:

  • School level intervention programmes for learners with a specific focus on improving performance in maths and science
  • Teacher development
  • Tertiary bursaries
  • Provision of technology infrastructure for educational purposes
  • Skills development for unemployed youth
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